Wednesday, 25 August 2010

elephants that entertain

Can environmentally friendly clothing be beautiful? Can earth-friendly toy be cute? But of course. And can it be affordable? Absolutely. Maybe not in Poland, but some other places, it can.
I like Entertaining Elephants for the simplicity of the outfits they offer.

Peasant dress is one of their long time hits (I've seen this company about 5 years ago) - large paisley on black background is my favourite, and would LOVE to have such a tunic with puff sleve for myself (I fancied myself riding a bike in this tunic and leggins, with a shawl waving -, no, maybe this shawl isn't great idea for I have no intention to be another Isadora Duncan. But the tunic stays.)

Or dress with decorative hem - maybe it would be great as a tunic too - made of double layer of silk printed in birds. What is the best: this dress is not cute - it's just beutiful dress also a mother would want to have.
Maybe that's the key for my choice for children's clothes - I like only those clothes I wouldn't mind wearing.

And their have an excellent logo - putting it in front of each item, with no woven labels was excellent idea. And it's also environmentally friendly.

Among toys my favourite is this set of tableware - all made of recycled milk jugs!
It seems that the quality of outfits haven't changed but their website have and now it's much more sophisticated than it used to be - from a shabby chic to modern chic, cool.

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